Important places in Mandir premises 

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Shri Harihar Mandir:- 

Shree had resided in Shri Mote’s Lord Shiva Temple which was known as Shree’s old Math (Monastery) later it was merged in Sansthan by Shri Mote. Further Sansthan renovated the old temple of Lord Shiva and built the beautiful marble temple with Pran Pratishtha (Religious ritual to place the idol of God in temple for worship) of Lord Vishnu. Three times this temple was renovated and later it came to known as ‘HariharMandir.’ According to the available information this might be the only temple in India having idol of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shivatogether. Shree spent much of the time in this temple. During his stay in this Mandir, He had modified the violent cow of Suklal and angry horse of Govindbuva. In the same temple, Shree had elaborated remaining part of‘Hans Geeta’to Shri Govindbuva Takalikar, at the occasion of Kirtan.Totally impressed with great knowledge of Maharaj, Govindbuva enlightened the people of Shegaon that Shree was a great Saint and not merely an ordinary human being.