Shree’s Samadhi Mandir 

Shri Mandir premises & other places

Shri Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Temple is at the center surrounded by two specious entrance gatesin the north and the west directions respectively.

The Legendary soul Sant Shri Gajanan Maharaj enlightened through his noble incarnation and brought out tremendous change in the lives of numerous people with his spiritual knowledge and power for a short period of 32 years and ultimately foretold in the year 1908 about drawing a line to his incarnated life. They also hinted at this place where exactly the Samadhi temple is located as a source of inspiration and spiritual insight for millions of devotees. Shri Gajanan Maharajin his noble presence gave consent and directed for this Samadhi Temple. In the tunnel the holy existence of living body (Sanjeevan kaya) of Shri Gajanan Maharaj still exists where Shri Hari Patil laid the foundation stone. 

The holy existence of this legendary soul in Samadhi Temple blesses and helps for solution to the millions in their difficulties when all optionsare blocked for them.

If all the saints prefer to gather at the holy place Shri Kshetr Pandharpur, (the headquarter of Warkari Sampraday which is the destination for all warkaries, i.e. devotees participating in Dindi or Plkhi, who ultimately aim to meet their beloved deities Viththal - Rukhumai), Shegaon is a perfect rendezvous for all devotees. The saints are truly noble in thier nature. They never discriminate with cast, colour, creed etc. Rather Saints always show a true path to devotees for an ideal and meaningful life. A true philosopher or guide (A true Guru) is the only ideal person who transforms people from their vices to virtues. A Saint is a synonym of pious life and a true devotee is known for his sincere faith.

Shree’s Samadhi Temple has been built in the most attractive marble stones, where the devotees can have distant glimpse of the idol of Lord Gajanana through an arrangement called ‘ Mukh Darshan’ or can directly go through the tunnel to pray and have a glimpse of Shree’s idol very closely. The precious space near the idol in Gabhara enables the devotees to pray and have a soothing glimpse of the omnipotent spiritual idol of Lord Gajanan. The Samadhi temple’s over part has various sculptures of Gods and Goddesses carved in an exquisite manner. 

Such a grand Samadhi Temple of Shri Gajanan Maharaj has certainly added a lot in the assists of Shegaon and remains a unique landmark of this holy town.

  Golden pillar :-

Shriram Mandir

Once the devotees get the closer view of shree's idol, they enter in Shri Ram Temple, built above the tunnel. There is a great logic for such a sequence.The way to reach in the kingdom of god is shown by a saint or a Guru. Hence, first the prayer spiritual in carnation of Shri Gajanan Maharaj followed by fascinating marble idols of Lord Shri Ram,Goddess Sita and Shri Laxman, on the pedestal of the beautiful Shri Ram Mandir above the Samadhi place, (Shri Gajanan Maharaj preferred to lay his living spiritual body for eternal meditation - called Samadhi). Some part of the entrance of Shri Ram Mandir has been adorned with golden leaves and some part in Gabhara(a reserved holy place, where lord's idol is kept) is also dignified with the gold and its luster, In this Gabhara, the holy footwear (Paduka) which were regularly used by lord Gajanana and the silver masks are kept and they are used during the temple festivals (Palkhi Sohala) for darshan.

Meeting Hall (Sabha Mandap) :

After the darshan of Shree Samadhi, when the devotees enter in shri Ram temple, there is a magnificent meeting hall (Sabha Mandap) opposite Shri Ram temples Gabhara. This Meeting Hall has the most beautiful pillers carved out of the high quality stone with the highly decorative designs and arch. The most salient feature of the hall is the glimpse of the holy biography of Lord Gajanana- Shri Gajanan Vijay Grantha in the form of pictorial gallery of all 21 chapters (Adhyaya) which precisely demonstrate the incarnated life, blessing and miracles of Shri Gajanan Maharaj who wiped out the tears of numerous people. The coloring and painting of these pillars carved out of the aoncient-stoned look much attractrive. This hall is escorted with Shri Ram Temple and a small but fascinating temple of Lord Hanuman, a true devotee of Lord Shri Ram.