Philanthropic Activity of Sansthan in various fields


The Sansthan’s contribution in Medical field

Getting inspired by great philosophy of Swami Vivekananda – ‘Shivbhave-Jivaseva’,Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaoncontributes a lot to wipe the tears of the patients suffering with different diseases. In this regard it is the Sansthan’s noble activity to give treatment and medicine free of cost to the society. In the Mandir premises, the Sansthan has the clinics of Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic branch, supported with handicapped unit, physiotherapy, pathology, x-ray etc. The expert doctorsare deputed and according to their treatment, the poor patients are given medicines, injections, saline etc. Thus, the Sansthan caters the timely medical help to the needy patients.


Charitable Ayurvedic Clinic 

From the year 1963, the Sansthan started this clinic. The Sansthan feels that Ayurveda has most ancient way of remedy for many diseases. Hence to preserve and promote this unique Indian Medical practices; the Sansthan started this department to facilitate the patients with our age old medicines of Ayurveda. Till March 2018 ; 26,34,172 patients have beentreated in this clinic.


Charitable Homeopathy Clinic

The Sansthan started it in the year 1973 and till March 2018; 44,51,343 patients have been treated here.


Charitable Allopathy Clinic 

The Sansthan started this clinic in the year 1974, which is well advanced and equipped with many facilities. 39 specialist doctors from different cities render their services at free of cost in this clinic. The clinic is supported with pathology. Till March 2018 ; 90,42,282 patients have been treated in this clinic.

All such medicinal facilities are being provided by Shri Sansthan with great concern, affection and dedicated service for the society.


Rehabilitation Center for Physically Handicapped

Shri Sansthan established this center to give relief to needy, physically handicapped patients. For this noble project, Govt. of Maharashtra had felicitated the Shri Sansthan with memento. The Shri Sansthan had organized a camp for physically handicapped in which 2584 patients were examined and 400 patients were selected for surgery in Udaipur (Rajasthan). 418 patients were distributed tricycles, wheel chair, crutches, calipers etc. All this expenditure was borne by Shri Sansthan. As a part of the same project, the Shri Sansthan started the center for Physically Handicapped where Jaipur Foots and other artificial organs of different sizes are manufactured and distributed. Till March 2018; 3,48,046 needy people have been benefitted by this center.


Eye Surgery Camp

Time to time, Shri Sansthan has been organizing eye surgery camps in a grand manner since 1975. This noble mission of Sansthan helped to 13,642 patients so for. Especially to note, the Shri Sansthan provided free accommodation to the patients who were registered for such camps. Even the patients were also distributed opticals by the Shri Sansthan. For such great service, the Government gave certificate and felicitated the Shri Sansthan twice in the years – 1982-83 & 1983-84, for the contribution in the National Project of Eradicating Blindness. 


Mobile Dispensary

On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, Shri Sansthan started Mobile Dispensary of Allopathic treatment in the year 1982, with noble objective to provide the medical service in the remote and rural areas where Primary health center or Hospital is not available. This mobile dispensary regularly gives the medical service in villages like – Kavathal, Taroda-di, Yeulkhed, Tunaki, Vasali etc. 08 volunteers are specially deputed for this noble work. Similarly, the Sansthan has undertaken the Tribal Development project in Satpuda to provide medical facilities to the tribal people. In this regard, two separate mobile dispensaries render medical service to the tribal.

Rural Health Service Scheme runs by Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon.


Service to the society, and to provide the financial help for major surgery sonly (As per the available funds in the Sansthan) to the financially poor people, farmers, BPL (below poverty line) card holder. 

• Beginning of the scheme:

First survey: InitiallyShegaon and Buldana tehsils were selected for this scheme under which 63 villages in Shegaon and 79 villages in Buldana tehsil were selected for the survey, in September and October of 2007. The financial help for major surgeries was given to the needy people of these two tehsils. To implement this scheme in all over Buldana district, second survey in conducted. 

Second survey: This survey was conducted in three phases – including all 13 tehsils of Buldana district. First phase - 27thSeptember 2008 to 15thOctober 2008 for the survey in Shegaon, Khamgaon, Nandura, Sangrampur, Jalgaon (Jamod), and Buldana tehsil. The office for this survey was at Anand Sagar Visawa. Second phase –15thNovember 2008 to 3rdDecember 2008 for the survey in the tehsil Chikhali, Mehkar, Lonar, Shindkhed Raja and Deulgaon Raja. Office for this survey was at Vedant Ashram Sultanpur, Tal: - Lonar. Third phase – the survey was over by 14th January 2009 in Motala and Malkapur tehsils and office for this survey was at Shelapur Bk.,Tal :- Malkapur.

About population:-

To implement this scheme effectively, the volunteers visited door to door in the villages to collect family details. Villages from 13 Tehsils of Buldana district selected where the population is less than 3000, these are as-

The total tehsils - 13
The total villages - 1139
The total families - 2, 45,232 
The total population covered - 12, 47,487. 
The different groups of volunteers with 19 vehicles deputed for this survey. 

Eligibility to apply:-

1. The patient must be from such Farmer’s family, having less than 15 acres non-irrigated land of agriculture. 
2. The patient should be financially poor.
3. B.P.L. Card holder.

Rules for the patients:

1. He must submit the prescribed form filled with name, address &photo of patient, all details about surgery, with doctor’s seal and signature.
2. While submitting genuine bill of doctor/hospital should with bill number, seal and signature; stamp ticket when bill amount more than Rs.5,000/-.
3. Each medical bill must be attached authentic prescription signed by the doctor with seal.
4. It is mandatory that all the tests and reports are signed by the doctor with seal.
5. For clinical examination, the patient must be personally brought in the office of this scheme.
6. If the patient is BPL Card holder, he/ she must submit the following:

• Attested true copy of BPL card
• To family of the patient has no land
• The income certificate of the head of the family of patient certificate by Tahasildar.
• The residential proof of the head of family

7) If the patient is cultivating the land, he/she must submit the following

• 7/12 of agriculture and 8-A in the name of all family members, having agriculture.
• Income certificate of the head of the family 
• Residential proof of head of the family
• Attested true copy of Ration Card.

8) Certificate by the doctor on the smart card (R.S.B.Y.) that the patient was not operated under National Health Insurance Scheme. 
Procedure of Financial Help :

1) The scheme has special software in which each family is allotted a separate number. All the necessary details given by the patient are verified and when the patient's name is found in that family in the software, all the documents of the patient are filled properly with family ID number.
2) If the patient is BPL card holder/farmer without own card etc, all mandorary ocuments are collected, verified and kept for further procedure.
3) The Sansthan's doctors verify the details and then certify for the concerned surgery
4) Once all verification is over, the patient's application is registered and he/she given fare of travelling and pass for meals (Mahaprasad).
5) Again the registered applications are finally verified with all care and then it is decided if the patient really deserves for the benefit under this scheme for surgery or not. Later the same is updated in the software for further action.
6) To personally visit the patient's family in his village, to collect the financial status and family details. To record It on the prescribed documents and to get the signatures of the family members of the patients on it.
7) To get the report regarding enquiry register from the seniors.
8) To prepare the list of approved applications and to prepare Demand Draft as per the available funds. To ensure that the Demand Draft in favor of the head of the patient's family, is dispatched and received by them.

The patient's Enquiry: Tehasil wise list of patients is finalized and the volunteers are deputed to enquire the detailed information of the patient and his disease. To note down the details in the register, after getting the feed back from five people in that village and also from the patient. To ensure the eligibility.for this scheme and them to finalize the approval for the help in this regard. Such enquiry is done in three phrases.

1) On 10th day of each month for: Shegaon. Jalgaon Jamod, Sangrampur and Khamgaon.
2) On 20th of each month: Malkapur, Buldana, Motala and Nandura
3) On 30th of each month: Chikhali, Mehakar, Lonar, Sindhkhed Raja & Deulgaon Raja.

Report till date: So far more than 12 lakh needy and poor farmers from 2,45,262 families of 1139 villages of 13 tehasils of Buldana district have been benefitted under Shri Sansthan's rural health scheme of financial help for major surgeries. 50,733 needy patients were benefited of this scheme until March 2018 and 36,115 patients successfully underwent the surgeries.